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T. Atkins

Realistic and Supernatural Fiction

Hi, I am T. Atkins, welcome to my website. My work as an author ranges from three-dimensional characters who are flawed, to ones some would consider to be a bit unstable or delusional.


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Meet Reagan, Pepper, and Lily. A trio of 20 somethings who share their first apartment, located on Vickery Circle.  Between the three of them, they deal with conflict, laughs, and tears as they try to navigate through this new life of being a 'responsible adult.' Together they discover that although life can be challenging, they will always have each other to lean on.

Works In Progress


July, 2019

           The fire breathing dragon had just risen from the depths of hell.  Spewing rage and indignation. Her talon-like claws grasping at the air, screeching in rage.  The sound vile and deafening.  Who had dared to challenge her?  Who was this insignificant minion that had dared to cross her path?  Did they not know who she was? To think that they were even worthy enough to stand in her presence.

            The dragon, better known as Mrs. Scarborough also known as Satan’s wife was throwing what Dustin believed to be a tantrum.  But she was sure Mrs. Scarborough would find a suitable word that she felt more benefitting to the situation, being the perfect English teacher that she was.  Dustin was also sure that she probably felt a tantrum was beneath her.     

            Mrs. Scarborough stood about 6 feet tall in a pair of slingback thick-soled heels.  Her skin was the color of tanned leather with the texture of beef jerky.  She kept her hair pulled back in a bun like an old schoolmarm.  Her class was run more like a boot camp than eleventh grade advanced English.  

            There were several rules that she made sure to inform the class of on the first day of school and Melissa Beck had again broken one of them.  Mrs. Scarborough only allowed her students to use black and blue ink pens.  She would prefer only black, but blue would be permitted.  In fact, pens of any other color were not even allowed to be brought into her classroom. The only other color pen allowed, was red, and she was the only one allowed to use it.  She also did not allow pens that clicked.  She said the noise was a pet peeve of hers, and it drove her crazy.  

            Melissa not only owned a blue and black pen but a pen that was also printed in green and red and had a mechanism that could be used to click each color into place.  The problem today, was not that Mrs. Scarborough had found her using the pen to take notes in class as she had done in the past, but that Melissa had decided to turn in a report written in green ink.


"Edge of Discontent

June 1, 2020

              Although it was the beginning of Spring and Trudy’s favorite time of year, this was the first day in a while that it had been pleasant. The few trees that were planted along the lake were in full bloom and a small breeze rustled the lime-colored leaves, playing them like piano keys. A small gust blew through the man-made fountain in the center of the lake, spraying droplets of water against their skin.

                The day seemed too nice to spend indoors making Trudy wish she didn’t have to go back to work and instead was spending the day picnicking by the lake. 

                As they walked beside each other eating their bagels, Trudy noticed that Matt was several inches taller than she, the top of her head came to his shoulders. Today he had opted for a polo, slacks, and loafers. With half of his arms exposed she could see the corded muscles that the suit had hinted at yesterday

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Interwoven 2

Taylor Watson’s life is like most teenagers in their senior year of high school. Studying for tests, going to band practice, hanging out with friends, and dealing with an overbearing mom, are just a few of the things on her to-do list. And now with the softball coach pressuring her to join the team, how is she supposed to find enough time in the day for everything?
When Taylor finds a lost book of spells, on the school bus one afternoon, she finds a spell for more time and figures what’s the worst that can happen. Taylor soon wishes she had left the book where she found it, because not only does she have more time, but people around her are suddenly going missing. Does it have anything to do with the spell she cast, and if so, how can she stop it?

For some reason, Jeff Whitmore has decided to make Jacob’s junior year of high school a living hell. Almost to the point that Jacob considers asking his mom to change schools.
That is, until a Spellbook shows up in his backpack one afternoon. Inside Jacob finds a spell for help dealing with an enemy. After seeing how simple it is to cast, he grabs a few household items and performs the ritual.
Problem is, the spell does not work out the way he planned, because Jeff ends up dead. Jacob can’t figure out what went wrong, but he’s going to need help to fix it.


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