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Press Release


CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Author T. Atkins finally reveals the origins of the mysterious spellbook, in the third novella of her supernatural young adult thriller series, Interwoven 3: The Unraveling. The story is set in Albemarle County and centers around North Carolina’s first witch trial. The former county was located not too far from the author’s hometown of Charlotte, NC.

After Jacob gives up his body to an evil entity to save her, Tracy Acker is determined to do everything in her power to bring him back. Now that the spellbook that started all this has disappeared, Tracy must figure out on her own, a spell to counteract the one that Jacob cast. Along the way, Tracy meets Madam Spindra, a sorceress who is willing to help her, and also uncovers a few hidden secrets about the town of Albemarle County, and its link to the Wiccan spellbook.

“Researching the origins of the Spellbook, for me as an author, was a fascinating and enchanting journey, as the story disentangled, revealing itself to me. I hope my readers will become enthralled with Tracy as she looks for answers, not only as to the reasons behind Jacob’s disappearance, but also ones that lead to the self-discovery of her true destiny.”

–T. Atkins

Readers interested in fast-paced spine-chilling thrillers, involving spells and witchcraft, will be hooked from page one.

Interwoven 3: The Unraveling, published June 2, 2021, is available on Amazon in print & Kindle versions. T Atkins is an independent author with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English. To learn more about T. Atkins, visit

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