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"The Snowman"

I noticed when I woke up today,

My snowman had melted away
First, it was his head that held his

hopes and dreams
Of possibly lasting longer than a

Winter’s Eve
Then it was his chest that held a

heart inside 
Too cold to be broken by someone

who denied
To share, or reciprocate the love he gave
By opening up to them about the

dreams he made
His arms had now fallen to the ground
Having never known what if felt to be around
Someone who held him tight kept him near
Told him all the things he wanted to hear
So now all that’s left is a little snow
Of where my snowman once did stand
As I stare out my window a little envious
Of the simple life he led

""Writer's Life"


Reaching for a dream sometimes feels like

wading through quicksand

Sometimes, it feels as if, it is as close as a whisper

I look around me and see him and him and her, and they

All reaching their dreams, all shrouded in a cloak of stars

that they’ve obtained

While I open doors and then close them

Tugging on window seals as I stare into the abyss

looking for my dreams

Where are you? I ask

Somedays I question silently

Somedays I scream!

Why do you elude me so?

There is only silence

I sit before me, staring at my board of visions of this

seemingly unattainable world

List of my desires, daily charts filled with gratitude

And still, my cup is empty

Did I forget to dot an “I” or cross a “T?”

Tell me dreams, why do you elude me?

Enough questions for today

I have mountains to climb, lions to slay

Waiting anxiously for my answer

Words in head not on pages

Thoughts were here now they’re fleeting

Empty vessel then she rages

A spark ignites

Pen to paper. Ideas meeting

Worlds unfolding within her head

Flourishing, boundless with no end

But behold, the sun has risen, off to bed

Tomorrow’s anew. We begin again

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